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Digital Wars Battle


Digital Wars is a simple puzzle game, strongly oriented on multiplayer experience. Although the game is easy to learn, it lets you to flex your mind to the limits. Especially that of your opponent.The rules of the game are following: - Two players go in turns- Add your score by picking a number in highlighted row (or a column)- Opponent picks a next number of last number's column (or a row)- Game ends when a player is unable to pick a number: there is no number is a row (or a column)- Whoever has higher score at the end, wins
Note: a player has 15 seconds to make each move. Hurry up to not run out of time!
Some useful tips:
Don't always worry about picking the biggest number. Think about the trade-off instead. It does not matter how much you score - what matters is that you have more points than your opponent.Be careful before picking - an opponent might have prepared a bitter surprise on your next turn!Now go and digitize your opponents to bits!Enjoy!